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About me

I am a self-taught digital artist. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and have rarely wanted to put it down.  My grandfather was a painter and my grandmother was very crafty, both big inspirations in my life.  I am naturally a creative person in more than just art and I feel their influence really nurtured that part of me. My kid is also a big inspiration for me as well.  They have also chosen art in their life, and we often sketch together while we hang out.  It is truly amazing how this has helped further my skills and inspires me so very much. 


I love to draw and doodle, and I still use a traditional sketchbook to do my drawings.  I have a wonderful tablet, but I feel a bit disconnected from what I'm drawing unless its on paper and I can carry with me.  Putting the pencil to the physical paper really just makes it feel like I can get it out of my head.  For coloring, however, I feel it is opposite. I really feel like digital coloring is the way to go for my work. I love the range of colors I can get, and I feel it makes my work really pop to where I want it to get to. I am very inspired by manga and anime and used to describe my work as such, but over time my style has evolved quite a bit and I feel like I should not slot my work into this one category anymore as I feel it is no longer solely representative.

I currently I reside in Tennessee. Life is busy, but I am most often doing my artwork and focusing my energy towards my next idea. I often draw and digitally color my work while listening to podcasts or TV or hanging out somewhere quiet with my family.


What Programs do you use to create your work?

My program of choice is Clip Studio Paint.  I used to use Microsoft Expression Design but at this time Microsoft has chosen to not update this program anynmore. I used Expression Design for years and it has not disappointed me.  Clip Studio Paint is a very similar program but with raster capabilities as well as vector, which is why I chose it.  I feel the tools in this program are many with so many customizeable interesting options. As much as I miss my old program, I feel this new one will actually push my work further and am excited working with it.

What advice do you have for beginning artists?

Just. Keep. Drawing.  It is as simple than that.  We all struggle, get frustrated, get blocked.  Working through these issues gives you the ability to overcome them.  If you can't get an image right then take a break from it.  Go draw something else fun.  If you have friends, draw some cartoons of you doing something fun with them or about them.  Draw something fun with another artist friend.  Just keep going.  Make sure you draw every day.  It doesn't have to be great or even good, but you need to exercise it.  Scribble and see if you can make a picture of it.  When you feel the frustration completely gone from the project you blocked on, THEN go back to it.  If you look at it and still feel the frustration feeling, leave it alone and go work on something else.  You need to be free of the frustration to continue moving forward with it.  It's not easy at first, but once you do it more than once you will start to gain the confidence that you can work through it and be able to work through it faster.  I'm going to cover more about this on my blog, so check there for more in depth details on this topic. 

I am a company and would like to use your work for my product, what products do you license for?

I have worked with many companies in the past and am currently working with several.  Whether you're a small or large business it does not matter, I'm open to any opportunities.  Just send me a message at or use the contact form below and I would be happy to discuss your ideas.

Where can i find your work?

I used to be on more sites but I've recently had to consolidate.  I am mostly keeping my work on my Instagram and Facebook currently as well as just here on my site. If you would like to know where you can purchase products, please see my Shop page above.

Can i get a tattoo of your work?

Yes! All I ask is the purchase of a print for a good quality image your tattoo artist can work with and please send me a picture of it afterwards. If you email me directly at, I will be happy to send you a full color print and line art.  Print prices will depend on size of print.

Do you take commissions?

Sometimes.  I'm often piled up with my own art work and other stuff so I never really know when I'm open to it or not. Use the contact form below with the title 'Commission' and I will let you know whether I can take it on or not.

I found your work for sale on a site i dont see listed on your site, what do I do?

If you feel you've seen my work for sale somewhere that seems suspicious, please send me an email at and I will look into it immediately and get back to you.  Most of the time it turns out to be an affiliate of the parent site selling my work on products, but sometime it isn't.  And to all of you who have contacted me in the past, I cannot thank you enough.  It has been very beneficial to me in the past.

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