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Artist Chrissy Clark, Face painted at Chocolatefest 2007 a charity event for the Kidney Foundation.

I am a digital anime/chibi artist. I am a self-taught artist, not only with my drawing skills but with my graphics programs as well. I mainly use Microsoft Expression Design. I am very easy to work with and always enjoy working with new companies and meeting new people.

I am now 32-years-old (yikes!) and currently I reside in Tennessee. Life is busy, but I am most often doing my artwork and focusing my energy towards my next idea. I often draw and digitally color my work to music. I love listening to music while drawing. Something about music really opens my mind to more ideas and puts me in a nice relaxed state while I draw.

Some questions I receive regularly:

Aside from your website, can I find you anywhere else?

Most definitely! Here are a couple places I frequent:

Facebook:  Anime Art by Chrissy Clark Fan Page
Deviant art: http://clrkrex.deviantart.com

How do you get the colors on your pieces so rich and bright?

I attribute this to doing only digital vector work. I was never satisfied with colors in my traditional endevours. Never could I get the colors I really wanted and never were they solid enough or bright or dark enough, so when I saw digital art pieces for the first time, I knew this is what I meant for.

What is vector?

Here's a definition I found online about vector graphics: A line or movement defined by its end points, or by the current position and one other point.
Not the best description huh? Well, how I usually explain it is instead of with rasterized digital art where you paint or draw with your tablet or mouse, vector art is solid colors and lines on a fixed point. As you draw a vector line, where you want it to curve, you click your mouse and it creates a point to bend around. Vector also mainly deals with solid colors and is not as easy the blend as with a raster program.

So why vector?

I actually just sort of stumbled onto a vector program one day, downloaded a trial, and fell in love! Even though it is more difficult to figure out while 'inking and coloring' complex characters, it always gives me the rich cell-shading and coloring look that I've always wanted. I also find that, in my opinion, my pieces come out much cleaner and precise looking than I ever thought possible.

What program do you use?

My program of choice is Microsoft Expression Design. I've been using it for years now and it has not disappointed me once. I am very much in love with this program. :)

Do you take fan arts, mail, or photos?

I LOVE to receive mail, art, and photos! I have spoken with many who have been too shy to show it to me, but please do!  I have a whole section of my site dedicated to it so don't be shy! I always answer my fan mail personally, and I do not care what skill level in drawing you are or anything like that, I would love to see it.  I often receive mail asking for critiques of personal work and I really think it is a very helpful process in developing your own work.  If you would like to show me something you can send it to artist@chrissyclark.com.








































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